Problems In The Education System:



Finland has the satisfactory schooling machine in the world. We can see the variations in the Spanish education system:

 There are hardly any non-public colleges so it gets rid of social inequality.

simplest one 1% faculty failure , if in Spain we reach 30%.

Three) obligatory education does not begin until the age of seven: They discover ways to write and study when they attain that age.

 The teaching career could be very treasured in Finland: The teaching profession lasts for five years (compared to two in Spain) Education and thousands of applicants are trying to find to come to be instructors, so simplest the excellent are normal. On the way to input the coaching profession, they ask for a excessive grade of what’s required in Spain to study medication.

The schooling device in Finland: 

The Finnish authorities will pay the scholars who becomes future teachers a small profits to inspire them, around 400 euros in step with month. The students are carefully selected.

In Spain, to examine teaching, the highest grades Education are not required and lots of students start the diploma due to the fact they can’t input different profession studies, such as regulation for example, because they did not attain the desired average mark. In many cases there is a lack of paintings.

In Finland, they must undergo many filters and simplest individuals who need to return and the maximum organized ones.

The lecturers are rather specialised.

 Finland has a excellent analyzing subculture: it is the u . S . A . With the most books in step with capita. In Finland there are Education rarely any refunds due to the fact the support instructions are doing so well.

 In Finland there is a image of a helper. A instructor could have 30 college students but whilst the assistants come, the students are divided into 15 students and every teacher specializes in his students.

 carried out surveys among college students approximately the college surroundings to identify ability problems.In Finland all youngsters eat at faculty because it’s miles unfastened.

 For every 100 euro of gross domestic product (home product), he allocated one euro more to schooling than his associates. Don’t forget spending on education as an investment because it creates a extra competitive nation.

Taxes are higher however human beings are extra glad because they understand that their money is going to own family offerings: they don’t pay for food or books and that they give monetary assist to moms with children under 3 years.

The training device in Madagascar wishes systematic and severe adjustment

“What type of basic education are we giving our kids?” which is the controversy prepared by way of the arena financial institution on Wednesday, may additionally 16, 2018. Each the participants and the audience agreed that the sector of education in Madagascar is dealing with extreme issues.

ENGLISH children’s abilties ARE DECLINED and no longer best that, but THEIR ways OF questioning ARE EVOLVING . In easy phrases, if the training system is a enterprise, it has been closed because it isn’t always worthwhile, bankrupt! So what is the solution? The first foremost answer is the improvement Plan for training or PSE that is proposed by using the three ministries of training.

Short words about pse

With a view to enhance the excellent of schooling, there are 3 major changes added approximately by PSE.

Primary schooling has end up 9 years antique

T1 to T9, this is, there are no extra EPP and CEG sections, but 3 sub-cycles. There are desires set for every “sous-cycle” so the curriculum will alternate completely. Within the first 3 years, youngsters are taught in Malagasy to facilitate the transmission of classes. Beginning the second one “sous-cycle”, the language of instruction gradually modifications to French

Cancel CEPE

This degree has no price anymore but the authorities spends a variety of cash and dad and mom forestall their kids upon getting this diploma. But, there’ll usually be an annual assessment to check the development of the students.

The educational calendar could be modified steadily

So that the access in 2022 may be in March and the main excursion will begin in November. The motive for this is to align the college yr with the season and the scenario in Madagascar.

The reputable from the Ministry of schooling, Rakotojaona Lantoarintsoa, talked about that this development plan for education may be advanced step by step, but it isn’t always a law that can not be modified Education. Additionally, due to the fact that is a technical plan, it does now not rely on political problems, that is, even supposing the chief changes, the implementation of the PSE will preserve.

Requirements in terms of training

Representatives of global corporations continually positioned international standards as a concern when there is a country wide plan like this. Mrs. Rakotondratsimba Evelyne from UNICEF said that knowledgeable humans must be able to face life, be correct citizens, realize, suppose, be balanced.

Take obligation and observe developments. Mrs. Rakotondrazaka Raymondine from UNESCO decided that the goals of the PSE are properly included inside the sustainable improvement desires installed by the UN.

Pointers for enhancing PSE

The ministry has already completed a regional consultation related to many corporations of humans and officers at all degrees before drafting the PSE. However, there are nonetheless many suggestions that may be progressed by using the participants and those who attended the talk, together with the following:

Representatives of international organizations continually positioned international requirements as a priority while there’s a national plan like this. Mrs. Rakotondratsimba Evelyne from UNICEF stated that educated human beings ought to be capable of face lifestyles, be correct residents, understand, think, be balanced, take duty and comply with tendencies.

Mrs. Rakotondrazaka Raymondine from UNESCO determined that the objectives of the PSE are nicely protected in the sustainable improvement dreams hooked up by using the UN.

Suggestions for enhancing PSE

The ministry has already done a regional session related to many businesses of human beings and officers in any respect tiers earlier than drafting the PSE. However, there are still many hints that can be stepped forward with the aid of the participants and those who attended the controversy, consisting of the following:

As soon as the phrase “salting” is cited, the general public’s scalp rolls. We have already seen the mistakes within the trade of the schooling gadget, so it is desired that the implementation of this development plan for education which is a superb machine could be successful.


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