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Online Learning

Code provides online learning features that can be used for employee development training following online learning. For companies with employees or partners who work directly in the field, of course, the existence of this online learning feature makes it easy.

Trainees do not have to be present in class at the time and time specified. With Codemi’s online learning feature, participants can learn easily anytime and from anywhere. Online learning materials stored in the cloud are also guaranteed safe.

The company does not need to worry about material leakage because the system used is guaranteed in terms of quality and safety.

Data on the progress of online learning participants can also be recorded neatly and can be obtained easily. Including the number of hours of training attended to the development of his abilities from time to time after attending the training session.


  • Online learning features are easy to use by trainees anytime and from anywhere, not limited to space and time.
  • The security of the cloud system used is guaranteed, so that participant and internal company data are well maintained.
  • Monitoring training results is easier because they can be tracked through this powerful platform.
  • Online learning can increase the efficiency and effectiveness as well as the productivity of each employee and partner.

Case study 

Iwan is a marketer from insurance company X, in his daily life Iwan has a fairly busy schedule, where Iwan is very active in finding and meeting prospective customers every day.

In his busy schedule, Iwan often misses training and seminars held by the company because Iwan’s time is mostly spent meeting with prospective customers and traveling between meetings with prospective customers.

Finally, the Covid-19 pandemic struck last year, at which time Iwan, who spent a lot of time meeting potential customers, now began to be hindered by the lockdown. Iwan, who has not had time to attend training and seminars on online product marketing, has difficulty marketing his products face to face.

Iwan’s problem can be solved through the online learning features demi Learning, Iwan can easily access learning materials anytime and anywhere. So that Iwan can get training materials when he is on a trip, or is enjoying his free time.